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  • Red flowers

    There is always a good reason why we often chose to offer red flowers to the one we love.

    Red always stood for passion and love, red runs through our bodies, red vibrates as no other color, and red are the cheeks of someone who blushes of excitement.

    So when you chose to send red flowers, be sure that you’ll fill their day with joy and energy.


  • White flowers


    When you decide to offer white flowers, it is for sure because of their dazzling beauty and because they match well with anything.

    White stands for purity, perfection, and illumination, that is why, white flowers are the symbol of unity and strength.

    Don’t hesitate to go for white, each time you want to impress someone dear, or to steer your relationships in the right direction.


  • Pink flowers

    Not intense as deep reds, pinks are the perfect combination between innocence and playfulness. That is why, for some, pink flowers are the most romantic flowers to offer.

    Pink flowers have been associated with all the feminine qualities because of their delicate and gentle connotations. These flowers are the perfect gift to send, to express love’s possibilities no matter the occasion.


  • Orange flowers

    Take the blazing burning sun, add some joy and happiness and there you have orange flowers. When you look upon a fresh luminous bouquet of orange flowers, you instantly feel the warm of the sun. Orange stands for friendship and community, so each time you chose to send orange flowers to someone dear, the possibilities are endless.

  • Yellow flowers


    Symbol of purity, yellow is associated with the shinning gold.

    When you chose to send yellow flowers, you think of friendship, compassion and respect.

    These gentle delicate flowers are a great choice when you need to show appreciation to friends or colleagues and also to communicate sympathy because a yellow flowers bouquet it’s all about thoughtfulness.


  • Purple & blue flowers

    Purple and blue flowers are both mysterious and royal. Purple symbolize an important transition and is the most beautiful color in the world, blue is the deepest one.

    These vibrant colors are connected to the divine system and are meant to bring balance in our lives. Believed to be enchanted, purple flowers will for sure make a strong romantic impression when offered. Send purple or blue flowers to someone dear to open their spiritual senses and bring calm and tranquility to their lives.